Each project will focus on a new and unique fictional universe, while that project is active it is the sole focus of the wiki.

Projects will typically exsist in two phases, the first is the worldbuilding phase during this part the setting for the story is created, the second phase is the storytelling phase in which most characters and events are created (note: characters and events can be created before this phase, and worldbuilding continues into storytelling)

Project 1

Ok the first project this wiki will tackle to get its feet wet is a science fiction project, the content will consist of 150 to 300 pages of content varying from one sentence to eight paragraphs, restrictions will be placed on cliche science fiction elements.

1. Humans are not centric to the story

2. The number of alien races is restricted to 5 (this includes humans) we have hit the limit good folks, how about making more cultures for the races we already have :)

3. NO, and i repeat NO maleavalant genocidal spacefaring robots; likwise zombies, and organizations of spacefaring aliens whose only goal seems to be to kill everything. Originality is prized here.

4. All types of artwork are allowed, so long as you find a way to make it fit within the universe being crafted

5. Planetary limitation: fourty habitable planets, eight habitable moons, and six (active) space stations (or space station groups). Exceptions may be made if adequate reasoning is presented.

6. No antrhopomorphics, by this i mean no species that are clearly a combination of humans and animals (from earth) although if the species is mostly human and the animalistic traits are not specific then it can be allowed, consult an administrator to see if your design is acceptable.

7.SINGLE galaxy, and a very very small portion of the galaxy at that check known space to get a good idea

status of project : Story Telling Open